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“Twerking” is the Urban Dictionary Word of the Day

Somehow I think this makes it more legitimate than being added to the OED.

Twerk of the Day

The Urban Dictionary has made “Twerking” the word of the day, and I assume it’s because of all the press the act of shaking one’s butt up and down real fast has gotten since it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. I actually like the UD’s definition better. Even so, I’m pretty sick of typing the word “twerk.”

There are some slight variations in how the Oxford English Dictionary and the Urban Dictionary define “Twerk.” The OED defines it as such:

twerk, v.: dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

The Urban Dictionary’s definition is:

Also known as dirty dancing. When a woman slams her bottom on a mans pelvic are while dancing. The man can also lunge his pelvic area forward for a harder bang. This usually performed in a dance club along with upbeat music.

I took issue with several aspects of the OED definition and offered to rewrite it for them. The Urban Dictionary’s definition isn’t perfect either. I still think it should just be:

twerk, v.: to shake one’s butt up and down real fast.

I just look forward to the day when the definition of “twerk” is:

A word people used to say a bunch because Miley Cyrus did it and then one day everyone just shut up about it and bloggers never had to type it again.

(via Urban Dictionary)

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