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UnPocket and 1984-Inspired “Stealth Fashion” Will Make You Digitally Invisible


“Post-Snowden” fashion is becoming a reality as the Kickstarter for UnPocket, which takes your Internet device off-the-grid when using it, has surpassed its funding goal.

While science is wasting its time trying to invent a regular invisibility cloak, not a whole lot of technology exists to make your personal big brother all-in-one tracking solution disappear. So The Affair, a clothing company that produces fashion based on literature, has launched a new, 1984-inspired line of clothing with a pouch—the UnPocket—that blocks all digital signals (cell, WiFi, GPS, and RFID) from devices placed inside of it, rendering its wearer effectively digitally invisible.

It’s definitely happening, because the Kickstarter goal has already been reached, but if you’re interested in protecting your privacy and looking doubleplusgood doing it, you can still donate during these closing hours of the campaign to snag some backer rewards and help bolster the project’s resources. As a resident of the year 2014, I always have my smartphone on me, and I’m pretty excited about a convenient way to instantly and automatically deactivate its connectivity without changing settings or turning it off and on. Expect a review of the UnPocket on The Mary Sue in the next few days.

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