United Nations Hacked, Accounts Leaked

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Hacker collective TeaMp0isoN has leaked account information — email addresses and passwords — after hacking the United Nations. The accounts belong to individuals spread throughout groups within the United Nations, such as the United Nations Development ProgrammeOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and others. On their Pastebin dump, TeaMpoisoN noted that some of the user ids had blank passwords, something that is even ridiculous for your mom’s junk email account to employ, much less a United Nations organization account.

It is thought that TeaMpoisoN obtained the account information through a vulnerability in the United Nations Development Programme’s website, though they directed a taunt at the United Nations, telling them to figure it out:

// The question now is... how?... We will let the so called "secutiy experts" over at the UN figure that out. . . .
------ Have a Nice Day....-

I’m sure the security experts aren’t thrilled about being so called and having quotation marks flank their job title. There isn’t too much word yet on how severe the implications of the leaked account information can be, but considering that there isn’t too much word yet, it’s probably not as scary as “hacking the United Nations” sounds.

(via Naked Security)

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