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Fans of ‘Unicorn Academy’ Won’t Have to Wait Too Long for the Season 2 Premiere

Canadian animated TV series Unicorn Academy was confirmed to be getting a second season by The Hollywood Reporter on May 21, 2024, with a release date set for June 27, 2024.

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Based on the children’s book series of the same name written by Julie Sykes and Linda Chapman, the show is co-produced by Spin Master Entertainment and Mainframe Studios. Spin Master has something of a foothold in the children’s entertainment sphere, as they are the company behind brands like Rubik’s Cube, PAW Patrol, GUND, Melissa & Doug, and Hatchimals.

The logline for the second season hints at Sophia and Wildstar going on a mission to find the shooting stars of the Unicorn Constellation and, in the process, locating Sophia’s father. However, there’s an apparent discord between the Sapphires over this quest, with a mysterious stranger on the island with their own agenda of finding the stars first. In addition, The Academy throws a masquerade ball in honor of the rare Fairy Moon.

In terms of cast, not much has been revealed as of yet, but the main cast from season 1 can be expected to be retained for the second season. This includes Sara Garcia, Sadie LaFlamme-Snow, Gabriella Kosmidis, Kari Wong, Kolton Stewart, and Kamaia Fairburn. Among the villains, it will be surprising if the iconic voice artist Jennifer Hale doesn’t reprise her role as Queen Ravenzella.

Unicorn Academy‘s second season will begin with a 44-minute special episode, which will be followed by nine episodes of 22 minutes each. As a bonus for fans, there is going to be additional content as well, in the form of digital shorts, music videos, and character vlogs. Spin Master has grand plans for the IP, as it plans to launch toys and licensed consumer products related to the show this year. A digital game is also expected to come out soon.

Season 2 of Unicorn Academy will premiere on Netflix, where fans can re-watch season 1 as well.

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