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7 Unconventional, Interesting, Weird Christmas Trees

It is Christmas Day, and you may or may not be plucking presents from under the tree, opening them to find a mix of things you really want and a bunch of socks. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you could probably appreciate some of the weird, impressive, unconventional Christmas trees we’ve been saving just for this day. Head on past the break to see how the rest of the world is funny with their weird Christmas trees.

1) Cthulhu tree (via)

2) 3,000 spare can tree (via)

3) Plastic bottle tree (via)

4) Godzilla tree (via)

5) Minimalist tree (via)

6) Book tree (via)

7) Portal tree (via)

Kind of makes your regular tree look a tad uninspired, right?

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