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Music-Synced Christmas Light Suits Sure Beat Holiday Sweaters

Don we now our gay apparel, and why shouldn’t that apparel be primarily composed of Christmas lights synchronized to flash with music? Andy Coulson asked himself that same question and came to the conclusion that he should build a pair of light suits for himself and his friend. You know, for science. Of course, a big part of this rig is the actual lights, but the real important part is the LabVIEW interface that breaks down .wav files into power levels and frequency bands, and the arduino that uses that information to sync the flashing lights. The result is a pair of festive, but flagrantly flashing fatigues that would make you the center of any holiday gathering.

Check out a video below.

Skip to the very end, around 5:20, to see the things in action.

(via Hack a Day)

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