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Uncharted Trailer Has Tom Holland Running For His Life


Tom Holland and Mark Wahlburg standing on a plane in Uncharted

Uncharted is a video game that took us into the world of treasure hunters on their quests and many players fell in love with Nathan Drake as a character. It was only fitting that the series would end up with a live-action adaptation. It’s just taken forever for us to get here.

It seems as if the Uncharted movie has been headed toward screens for years at this point, but we now have our first trailer with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. The long-awaited Sony game-to-movie has been a long time coming and is one that fans have been waiting for. Whether it was the Nathan Fillion fan film from 2018 or keeping as up-to-date as possible on this version of Drake’s story, fans have been waiting to see what the Uncharted live-action film had in store for them.

What we got is an amazing cast of Tom Holland, Tati Gabrielle, Sophia Ali, and Antonio Banderas! Mark Wahlberg is there as well as Sully, Drake’s mentor and father figure. Nathan Drake is a professional treasure hunter and what we can see in the trailer is how Drake went from being a bartender in New York City to the man who can scale falling out of a plane to get back into the cargo hold.

Does this trailer feel like Peter Parker with a slightly different accent if he was a bartender trying to make ends meet instead of a photographer/pizza delivery boy? Yes, yes it does. He even does the jumping run thing that Peter does. But also, maybe that’s just Holland’s action style. Tom Holland running around in that plane is going to be a delight to watch! I guess Mark Wahlberg is also there.

Twitter had some thoughts about the new trailer, mainly talking about the exciting cast!

Uncharted is coming out on February 18th, 2022—and we’re crossing our fingers that release date remains solid. It is about time we get to see Tom Holland take on Nathan Drake and we can’t wait! Going to think about the Scottish man telling Nathan he’s getting a Scottish welcome and Nathan going “What???” for quite a while though.

(image: Sony Pictures)

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