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That Big Marvel Announcement Is A New Ultron Trailer Thursday… Featuring Brucetasha?

Or Banneroff or Bruce/Nat or whatever your preferred ship name might be?

That “big announcement” RDJ had been teasing is out of the bag, and it looks like it’s a new Ultron trailer airing this Thursday at 10pm during the ABC premiere of American Crime —new footage and everything. Which is great, but wait, was that—


WELL THEN. I guess that means all the Clintasha, Captasha, and Buckynat shippers will have to take a backseat for a while. Personally I prefer to see Nat involved romantically with no one; the current Edmondson/Noto run on the Black Widow comics has been giving us the perfect solo Widow (well, excepting her cat), and I think it suits her character perfectly. I mean, secretly I’m holding out for WinterWidow in the future, but for now—do we have to pair her up at all?

Still, I prefer Nat with Bruce over Nat with Clint or Steve, so I’m curious to see how this plays out—but I think Widow is too important to be relegated to the romance plot side-lines, especially with the tantalizing Red Room hints from the first Ultron trailer.

Meanwhile, over on Collider, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have been dropping hints about the new Avengers flick. Renner says that he gets to dive into his character a bit more and that “[t]here’s some wonderful secrets and relationships deepen,” which I’m looking forward too because hypno-Hawkeye definitely got shortchanged in the original film. We also get to find out where the actual heck Hawkeye was during Captain America 2.

With Cap, Evans says he’s still adjusting to the loss of SHIELD, and also specifically talked with Joss about evolving Cap’s fighting style:

You just can’t be Jason Bourne. We gotta see this guy do stuff that’s like yeah, he deserves a spot on this squad. You know, in [Winter Soldier] he’s pinballing off of jets and doing unbelievable things. I don’t wanna take a step back so we gotta make sure that he’s continuing training. His fight style needs to advance a little bit. I don’t wanna go full Bruce Lee, but there needs to be more than just haymakers and fun kicks. There needs to be a consistent display of strength. Utilize your environment in a way that’s like, “that’s right he can pick up a motorcycle with one hand…”

All that really matters is that Chris Evans is mad scared of getting in trouble for spoilers and even says, “Don’t fuck me on this, guys.” So he’s the best forever.

But seriously, Brucetasha??? How do you feel about this, trusty commenters?

(via UPROXX)

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