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Things We Saw Today: Classic Spider-Man Theme Arrangement From Homecoming Composer Rules

Listen, bud.


With superheroes getting so many new on-screen iterations so quickly, there’s a delicate balance between throwbacks and new directions that must be struck. Sam Raimi worked the oldschool Spider-Man theme into his first Spider-Man movie in a fun way, but this arrangement from the Spider-Man: Homecoming composer is awesome in its own, completely different way.

Currently, it’s unknown whether this was just for fun or the theme really will be popping up in Homecoming, but Polygon points out that it seems as though this may actually be for the movie. What a great way to welcome Spidey back into the Marvel fold!

Elsewhere on the Internet, you can watch a bunch of new footage from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, on top of what we’ve already covered today. Or maybe you won’t because you don’t want to see too much before you get to watch the whole thing for yourself—we wouldn’t blame you one bit. If you’re not wary of seeing too much ahead of time, The Playlist has all the clips you’re looking for.

Is The X-Files your kind of thing, except you’re more into comedy? Ghosted might just fill that gap for you:

With Alien: Covenant in theaters, it’s a good time to take a look back at previous films in the iconic franchise—an honest look. Yep, there’s an “honest trailer” for Aliens, a movie largely about what happens when you don’t listen to a woman who knows more about a subject than you.

OK, fine, it’s not time for Monday cute yet, but LOOK AT THIS:

We can only dream of feeling simple, pure joy of that magnitude.

Did you see anything good out there today?

(featured image: Sony Pictures)

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