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Things We Saw Today: Millie Bobby Brown Driven off the Internet by Homophobes

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The children of Stranger Things are growing up in what is the probably the darkest timeline to be child actors. I’d hate to think what would have happened to Danielle Fishel is she’d been on screen as Topanga in Boy Meets World now. Between the toxicity of fandom being hyped up and the ease with which social media eliminates all pretense of a fourth wall, it is a hard place to be. And that’s why we need to put our support behind Millie Bobby Brown.

Homophobes and assholes on the internet have been posting memes of the fourteen-year-old actress with photoshopped homophobic statements in the pictures. She is a fucking child and it’s not funny.  No one deserves to be treated this way and what exactly is the point of it? What makes it funny and cute? Does it really take some sort of creative genius to come up with homophobic memes? It is especially cruel because Brown has been politically active in fighting bullying and has called herself an ally to LGBT people.

Apparently, there are some people saying this is for “the gays”? Did bisexuals not get the newsletter? Cause I didn’t hear about this.

That’s two women who have been run off the internet within the last few weeks because of immaturity and toxic behavior. Nothing like potentially causing trauma to a young girl who didn’t do anything but act really well.

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How can we all find a way to protect all the innocent people on the internet?

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