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Things We Saw Today: Killjoys Season 5 Promo—It’s the End of Galaxy

I’m not ready to say goodbye to Killjoys or Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch/Aneela, but the release of the season five promo is a reminder that the end is near! The Syfy show has had a good run ,and as someone who loved Firefly and is currently knee-deep in Star Trek, one of the biggest joys of this series has been getting to see a Black woman as the captain of her own ship and the hero of her own journey.

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When we last left off, “The Lady” had succeeded in tapping into the collective memory of the galaxy and recreating it into her vision to separate the main trio. Since we can see them all together in the promo, it seems this doesn’t last long, but it does leave me wondering how the chips will fall as everything wraps up. I do want my babies to be okay, but if we have to have deaths, just please, please let them be good.

Killjoys’ fifth and final season premieres Friday, July 19 on Syfy.

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  • Because we are just determined to not let anything stay dead, there is going to be a Punky Brewster sequel with original star Soleil Moon Frye. (via Deadline)
  • An NBC News anchor announced her engagement to her girlfriend on-air, some good Pride News to balance out the Twitter discourse. (via Pink News)
  • The discourse around fat Thor has been polarizing, but two really great pieces have circulated around it, one by Lindsey Romain on Nerdist and another by Clarkisha Kent for Bitch Media. We’d highly recommend checking out both.
  • Here are 10 of the Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix this June as you nurse that post-Game of Thrones blues. (via The Portalist)
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