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Things We Saw Today: Donald Glover Doing What Kanye Thinks He’s Doing With “This Is America”

OK, I didn’t see this today, I saw it this weekend, but you know what? I haven’t been able to stop watching it, so now I need to make sure you’ve seen it, too. Have you seen Childish Gambino’s (a.k.a. Donald Glover) “This Is America” video? [CW: there are two “shootings” in this video that some may find too disturbing to watch. That said, the fact that they’re shocking, quick, and abrupt is definitely the point, and they’re not gratuitous. Your call.]

As I saw someone say on Twitter, Donald Glover is basically out here doing what Kanye West thinks he’s doing in terms of using his music as a form of activism. To be honest, while I’ve always been a fan of Glover as an actor/writer, I haven’t spent much time with the work of Childish Gambino. This song and this video changes that. This is some next-level stuff. Check it out.

What have you seen out there today?

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