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Tworse Key is a Telegraph Key That Posts to Twitter in Morse Code

Why would you ever want to post to Twitter with a telegraph key? Because it is one of the coolest things you could possibly do. At least that’s what Martin Kaltenbrunner seems to think, and I’m inclined to agree. He holds no illusions about how practical the pursuit is though, calling it “an open design exercise in interface archaeology” or as I’d translate it “hooking up cool old things to cool new things because it’s cool.”

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The Tworse Key Arduino-powered and performs its singular purpose with questionable efficiency and an abundance of style. Unlike other Telegraph-tweeting devices — yes, there are others — Tworse key is a standalone. All you need to do to tweet with it is plug it into an Ethernet port and hammer away. Granted, it might help to know morse code, but that’s only necessary for coherence.

Schematics are available if you want to build one of your own, and if you’re so inclined, I hope this inspires you to come up with some other insanity. I want more from the bizarre world of “interface archaeology;” I’d love to type text by keying in ASCII codes on a rotary telephone dial or something.  If only I had the know-how to rig that up myself.

(via Hack a Day)

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