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Things We Saw Today: The Command Zone Breaks Down The Guilds of Ravnica Set from Magic: The Gathering

It will still be another week before Magic: The Gathering fans will be able to participate in the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica pre-release in their local comic book shop before the set goes officially on sale October 5th. Luckily, there are a lot of channels on Youtube that have gotten access to the cards and can give you a deeper look into what’s going to be coming up on this latest incarnation of Magic. The Command Zone, one of my favorites just put out a video breaking down the entire set and pointing out which cards will be best for the format of Commander, but it also gives you a heads up about which cards would fit in standard or modern decks.

I am already looking forward to all the Green/Black and Red/White cards I’ve seen thus far.

For those keeping up with Magic: The Gathering spoilers, what cards are you looking forward to the most?

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It is finally Friday!

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