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It’s Been 14 Years but This Twitter Account Has Finally Returned From Lunch!

Once upon a time in 2007...

Wolverine meme + Back From Lunch

Random moments like this are what I live for when I (should be working) am scrolling through Twitter(dot)com.

Two days ago, a Twitter account that goes by deleted posted that they were back from lunch. If this were any other platform that would be the end of the story. Maybe there would be a couple of comments asking what was on the menu and if it tasted good. But, my friends, this is Twitter, and the simple tweet has gotten, I kid you not, half a million likes in two days.


And 15.


In TWO days.

And it’s STILL growing!

That must’ve been one hell of a lunch!

No, really, it must’ve been one hell of a lunch because this account hasn’t updated since they went off to lunch … 14 years ago.

In fact, the very first tweet from this account (which is right before that going out for lunch tweet) is this:

So this account, which first tweeted on March 15, 2007, went from waiting for lunch to going out for lunch, only to disappear for well over a decade. Now, um, deleted is back from lunch, and it’s caught the attention of at least 500 thousand people who are trying to figure out where the hell this person/bot/higher power has been.

Note: They obviously mean 14, they’re just a bit distraught is all. Still, what exactly was on the menu to cause a 14-year delay in tweeting?

My headcanon says that it was one of those limited-run items like a special Starbucks drink or holiday-themed cereal or the McRib, but instead of finishing it, they chose to savor the last bite for 14 years.

Either that or they walked into the wrong smalltown establishment that hosts one of those “finish this ridiculous amount of food and the meal’s on us” challenges. Maybe it was a table-sized steak that took 14 years to finish.

Whatever it was, they’re back from lunch now, and everyone has something to say about it.

Some have treated it as the return of a friend, after all, it has been 14 years. That’s a long time to go without your bro, especially if they haven’t told you where they’ve been.

Others have pointed out major events deleted missed since their lunch outing.

And then there’s the dawning realization that there are people out there who aren’t older than this account’s previous tweets.

Deleted has made another post since the viral tweet, giving us more of a clue about their lunch.

None of the previous tweets showed any indication of this being any sort of lunch date, but I guess it was?

Then again she could be anyone. A relative? A wandering kitten? It’s kinda up to us to decide.

Or we can just tell them to wait another 14 years.

What do you think happened with this account? Did someone really have the longest lunch break in history? Did they leave their heart at the old diner because “she” never showed up? Or is there a reasonable explanation that got swallowed in our fascination with a 14-year lunch story?

I, for one, will make sure I keep track of who goes out to get lunch for me just in case they decide to keep my sub sandwich to themselves for over a decade.

UPDATE: We have progressed from lunch to dinner! Maybe a full-course meal is the trick instead of a quick bite?

Or maybe not.

(image: 20th Television/Twitter screencap)

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