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Twilight: Eclipse Trailer: Eh.

After a kinda useless ten-second trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse came out yesterday, the folks at Twilight, Inc. (read: Summit Entertainment) released the full trailer for Twilight: Eclipse this morning.

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Twilight has a strange power to inspire nerd-rage because it is not Lord of the Rings, or even Harry Potter, and yet it presumes to come up with its own mythology, involving vampires and werewolves. How dare it! Also, Twilight is for girls, and girls are gross.

In truth, we can’t pretend to be huge Twilight fans, but neither is Twilight the scourge of the earth: I saw the first two Twilight movies and thought they were OK, am mildly interested in seeing Twilight: Eclipse, and this trailer neither crushes nor piques my interest in doing so. Then again, there are probably all kinds of secret dog-whistle elements in here that I can’t even hear because they’re not directed at my kind.

Especially if you’re a big Twilight fan or can’t stand it: what do you think?

Also: Team Edward.

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