The “Twike”: Elmer Fudd’s Three-Wheeled Vehicle, or Twitter-Enabled Bicycle?

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London’s East Festival is getting a new pwomotional tool this year. From cult artist Peter Fowler and the Chance Collective, meet the Twike, a Twitter-enabled bicycle that aims to encourage festival attendance through online channels. The bicycle will be driven around the festival, which starts on March 4th, and is outfitted with a mobile device that will automatically send out a “tweet” every time it comes within the range of key festival areas. The creators hope that people will not only follow the bike online, but also follow it around the festival as it travels.  A Google Maps mash-up of the bike’s path around East London will also be created at the end.

One of the four main themes of the East Festival this year is cycling, which was part of the inspiration for Twike. This year’s festival includes many events for cycling enthusiasts, including bicycle polo, which we’re positive can’t end well.

[h/t NOTCOT and Cakehead Loves Evil]

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