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Tumblr Completes The Holy Trinity of Social Media [Essay]

There is a corner of the Internet where actorscomediansmusiciansartistswritersbloggersdirectors, people from all walks of life are creating over 2 million posts per day, and are often meeting each other in person in over 50 different places around the world, from New York to London to Berlin to Tokyo. The place is Tumblr and it is quickly becoming the third member of the holy trinity of social media, along with Twitter and Facebook. Today, the New York Times makes it official with this headline: “Facebook and Twitter’s New Rival.”

Here’s the gist of Tumblr: a dead-simple way to get out your ideas or inspirations, what you’re doing, what you like or hate, whatever snip of culture or sub-culture is engaging you at the moment, across any form of media – photo, text, quip, video, audio clip, chat transcript. The sum total contributes to a unique online identity through sharing what you gather on the web with  your followers, usually with your own two cents (even if it’s as simple as “LOL”).

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