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Tumblr’s Most Choice Takes on Martin Scorsese’s Unreleased Homoerotic Masterpiece, ‘Goncharov’

Gaslight, Gatekeep, Goncharov

Beautiful fake poster for Goncharov, a fake Martin Scorsese movie, designed by artist Alex Korotchuk

Oh, how fickle the internet’s attention is. I pitched this piece and figured by the time Thanksgiving break was over, we’d still be gushing over Goncharov. But I guess other, newer movies have viewers’ attentions now. I suppose that’s the nature of the biz, and frankly, I’m not here for it.

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Goncharov was queering mafia cinema before whatever Grimes tried to do with “Kill v. Maim,” and dammit, I can’t let go! I refuse to let us continue to live in denial over this movie, which Scorsese himself has owned up to:

Goncharov is fake,” my ass. Even Lynda Carter is a fan, and if Lynda Carter is a fan, then y’all have no choice but to actually watch it:

One user shared a fairly good analysis of why the hype has died down, and why Tumblr is the only thing keeping it alive:

Here’s an example of this WLW warrior action:

But it goes beyond WLW—this movie is also for MLM! Observe, more fan-art:

Honestly, it’s such a topical film, it’s hard to believe it’s almost 50 years old:

But a very convenient way to keep the love for this movie alive is to listen to the score, which has been thoughtfully compiled here:

And if you’re still fairly confused about the plot, our own Benedetta Geddo shared a fantastic write-up on it. The main plot beats are condensed here:

Knowing all this, I’m so glad the casting went in the direction it did, or else we coulda had a wet noodle of a movie:

This might be the best take I’ve seen on the movie as a whole:

And these GIFs from the actual movie are superbly rendered:

But to cap it all off, I just have to say … ugh …I need an aspirin, I can’t do this anymore. Apparently the word of the year is “Gaslighting” and the last thing I need is to be added as an example to that list. Too bad Sophia wasn’t so wise to this.

(featured image: Alex Korotchuk)

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