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Relax, Tucker Carlson. No One Is Trying to Take Away Your “American Tacos.”

2018 is Fox News pundits screaming about tacos.

Sentient boat shoe Tucker Carson had Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo on his show, and it only took him 4 minutes to get into a screaming match about tacos—well, a one-sided screaming match, at least. Acevedo remained calm and composed throughout the segment, as Carlson turned red in the face and started bellowing about his inalienable right to tacos.

The segment centered on El Tiempo Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Houston that has come under fire after owner Roland Laurenzo took a photo with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The restaurant posted the photo to social media, which quickly drew public outcry because of Sessions’ grotesque and racist policies against Latinx people. Seems pretty cut and dry: It’s hypocritical to celebrate a culture’s cuisine while simultaneously imprisoning its children at the border. Sidebar: What is it with Trump administration folks and Mexican food? Read the room, guys.

Acevedo pointed out the obvious moral hypocrisy, saying, “This is what a divided America looks like. It’s a result of the trickle-down incivility that starts with the president calling women dogs and immigrants animals, journalists enemies of the people, and then it spreads everywhere through the kind of incendiary rhetoric from you or Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham.”

Carlson continually tries to bait Acevedo into a discussion of who is and isn’t allowed to eat Mexican food, which is a deliberate misunderstanding of the situation (and a classic Tucker move). He then starts screaming about how tacos are “American food” and Univision can’t take away his tacos. Throughout his rant, Acevedo is just sitting there, probably wondering why he agreed to go on this hot mess of a show in the first place.

Tucker then demands that tacos are part of his American culture, as a native of San Diego. “No! What do you mean each other’s cultures? It’s an American food! It’s an American food! You’re not going to appropriate my culture,” he said. “I’m from San Diego, man. Those are my tacos. Mine!” (If he loves tacos so much, I’ve heard he backed the wrong candidate.)

Is there a better metaphor for 2018 than a white man angrily screaming “those tacos are mine!” on Fox News at a Latino person? What a time to be alive.

(via Huffington Post, image: screengrab)

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