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Trump Still Living Out Old Tweets With Reports That Tillerson Called Him a Moron

I guess when Donald Trump has spent years having diarrhea of the tiny fingertips all over Twitter, it’s not too surprising that his old tweets about politics have been relevant to his new position, but their accuracy is still sometimes startling. Today, news broke that Secretary of State/previous Roxxon—SORRY, Exxon—CEO Rex Tillerson had privately called Trump a moron, which he held a press conference to not deny.

In his statements, Tillerson was sure to quell reports that he’d been close to resigning due to policy disagreements, in an odd public display of loyalty that seemed more designed to placate Trump than accomplish any other tangible goal. However, when he was asked specifically about the reports that he’d called Trump a “moron,” or even a “fucking moron,”  Tillerson responded only that he’s not “going to deal with petty stuff like that.” For those playing along at home, the word “no” would’ve been a much shorter way to get the point across if he hadn’t said it.

So not only is the cartoon above, which Trump oh-so-casually tweeted years ago, strangely apt, but even the way the word “fucking” is crossed out fits in with the evolving reports of Tillerson’s exact, uh, verbiage.

Since Tillerson’s press conference, the State Department spokesperson has denied the “moron” comment, resulting in one of the most ridiculous things the AP has ever had to announce as breaking news:

Let this be today’s reminder that we live in a time when White House officials have to hold press conferences to weigh in on whether or not they’re mad at each other so that the president doesn’t get his feelings hurt by news reports and react irrationally. Maybe Tillerson feeling the need to hold such a press conference in the first place is a bigger sign of whether he thinks Trump is a moron than what his department’s spokespeople say.

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