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Trump Gazes Directly Into Solar Eclipse Without Glasses, Abyss Gazes Back Into Him and Finds Him Wanting

Displaying the intelligence and wisdom of a lost toddler, Donald Trump directly looked up at the solar eclipse without the aid of solar eclipse glasses or goggles. As well, as you can see from the tweet above, he did this despite someone in a crowd of aides literally yelling at him, telling him not to look. So, you know. That’s the “leader of the free world” and all (not really, that all flew out the window a while ago).

As you and I and all of us already know, looking directly up at a solar eclipse could potentially permanently ruin your eyesight. It’s less about the brightness of the sun and more about the UV rays that still shine down despite most of the light being blocked out by the moon. Those rays are horrible for your eyesight (no kidding), and since your pupils don’t dilate (because the sun’s brightness is gone from the eclipse), you’re taking in more UV rays than normal if you stare right up at the sun.

I mean, it’s not like Trump was using his eyes to read anything worthwhile anyway, nor was he actually using them to look and be aware of the things happening around him—at least it doesn’t seem that way, because I mean … *gestures wildly at the world*

Twitter, of course, roasted Trump much in the same way the sun likely roasted his eyeballs.

So I mean, all that’s left for us to wonder is just what is it he was looking for up in the sky. Maybe …

Okay, yeah. Seems legit. Oh, and you know what’s really worth pointing out? Despite often having to correct Trump by yanking his arm or nudging him to do things, Melania doesn’t try to stop him from staring up at the sun here.


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