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Trump Team Even Plagiarizes Its Own Eulogy in Saturday Night Live Season Closer


When Hillary Clinton lost the election in November, Saturday Night Live took a step back from jokes and found a surprisingly, heartbreakingly appropriate way to bid farewell to the dream of her victory. Now, we live in a nightmarish parody of the world we could’ve had, with rampant hypocrisy that we covered just a bit earlier today, and that makes this farewell to the Trump team’s dreams ghoulishly fitting, as well.

I’m not going to lie and say I loved every second of this and found it hilarious. It hurt quite a bit to have the emotional moment with Clinton repurposed this way, and yet, that’s a perfect metaphor for how everything feels right now. Not only have many Trump associates been accused of actual plagiarism, but it’s become a running gag that for everything Trump does these days, he’s said something in the past to complain that Clinton/Obama did it, contradict it, or otherwise mock it—usually in a tweet, for the entire world to see the recorded history of his hypocrisy.

I also don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for the Trump team’s is disappointment that their incompetence and controversies they’ve repeatedly invited on themselves are keeping them from achieving their twisted vision of America. If they don’t succeed, we’re all the better for it. That’s the only joy I take from this—that these terrible people are all just so sad that they’re not getting to ruin everything as much as they hoped they would, and with FBI’s Russia investigation looming over everything, that maybe they’ll never get a chance to.

If there is no Donald Trump presidency by the time SNL comes back for season 43, this will have been a perfectly fitting, if infuriating, way to eulogize it ahead of time. Here, soothe yourself with thoughts of an equally absurd yet less horrible alternate reality:

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