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Website That Chronicles Regretful Trump Voters Is Equal Parts Cathartic and Sad

We were right! ... Oh wow how I wish we weren't right.

“He’s no nonsense, no BS,” or so the line goes. Sadly, some people who voted for Donald Trump have already realized in just a few short months what the rest of society has known about the man for decades: He’s all nonsense. Saying whatever you want all the time, regardless of truth, isn’t “telling it like it is”—it’s just lying. The Tumblr chronicles Trump voters slowly figuring this out and joining the rest of us.

It’s … not pretty, and there is a mountain of it. Started by @Freeyourmindkid, the site juxtaposes past Trump support tweets with how the very same people feel about him now to perfectly illustrate how Trump’s followers really didn’t think he would do all the things everyone else was trying to warn them that he would do. The only thing that makes the absurdity of it all less funny is that we all have to live through this reality with them—and that genuinely bad things will happen to some of them because they got conned, like losing healthcare, from which I take no joy.

Still, it’s a solid reminder that, no matter how many pro-Trump trolls you may still run across, people are waking up to the mistake they made, and that’s a good sign that we’re not too far gone to save ourselves from this mess. Here are a few examples from @Freeyourmindkid’s Twitter feed, just in case you don’t have the hours required to look through the entire site yourself.

And then … there’s stuff like this:

And the people who are just mad because he’s not ruining things enough:

It’s going to be a long … however long this debacle lasts.

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