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Is Spicer Just Trying to Get Trump Impeached Now That He’s out of the Country, or What?

Friday is just the 6PM of the whole week, it turns out.

It has been a week. Every evening, some kind of completely bananas news has dropped about the goings on of the Trump administration and the bonkers things Trump himself has said and done. Now it’s Friday, essentially the “evening” of the entire week—and not only that, but Trump has just left the country on a trip—which can only mean one thing: absolute mayhem.

First up, the New York Times broke a story that Donald Trump told the Russian officials he met at the White House—the same ones we found out he leaked important intel to just days ago—that firing FBI Director James Comey had taken pressure off of him over the Russia investigation: “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” He also called Comey a “nut job,” now trending on Twitter, which leaves us eagerly awaiting how Comey chooses to respond. Yeah, he said that to these guys, who are pictured below, unable to believe their luck at finding the gullible idiot who doesn’t seem to get that the joke is on him:

So, in case Trump’s own previous admissions on national television hadn’t clued anyone in, his decision to fire Comey was absolutely motivated by that investigation. I’m no lawyer, but that sounds like a pretty strong case for obstruction of justice to me. You’d think Trump might’ve learned that his own words could be used against him in a legal capacity when his Muslim bans got shut down in court, but apparently not.

“But wait!” you cry, “Anonymous sources! This could be a fabrication. Check and mate, leftist.” Not so fast, my self-satisfied friend. None other than Press Secretary (for now) Sean Spicer responded, and he did not deny the account, instead choosing to try to spin the sentiment about Comey towards the idea that he was “politicizing” the investigation. Ah, the ol’ “help him become president and then publicly sabotage him” strategy. Spicer’s wise to your act, Comey. Spicer also mentioned that Comey’s firing would “obviously” not end the investigation, but … well, I’m not sure that Spicer and I are working off of the same definition of “obvious.” Is he trying to get Trump impeached while he’s in flight for a foreign trip and can’t control the narrative? Because seemingly confirming this story with such weak spin would be a great way to go about it.

The timing is probably more down to savvy reporters, though, and the Washington Post dropped its own bombshell; they’re reporting that the investigation now includes a current senior White House official. After acting FBI Director Andre McCabe recently called the investigation “highly significant,” that seems like a pretty big deal, and is probably all we’re going to hear about for the foreseeable future. (It also seems that person may be Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.) In summary, it was not a good day for Donald Trump, who is currently on a world tour of literally being treated like a toddler, because it’s all he can handle:

But it was a great day for journalism—and great journalism friendship on Twitter:

It’s not a great day for Donald Trump, nor for the rest of us, because he’s still president, and his administration and party are still doing things like ruining the Internet and healthcare. They’re even ruining healthcare on purpose, just like Trump has openly said that he’d do on several occasions, to make people who don’t know any better think that everything is the Affordable Care Act’s fault and push the blame onto Democrats, in order to get support for a crappy Republican plan:

Getting him impeached and removed from office won’t necessarily save us from all that run-of-the-mill Republican terribleness, but it’d be something. So, thanks to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and … Sean Spicer maybe? (Except no.)

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