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Oy Vey: Trump Hints at Government Shutdown to Stop Impeachment Inquiry

Who gave him this idea? I would like a word.

Trump Press Conference

Welp. He’s at it again. Trump gave another bonkers press conference on the White House lawn Sunday afternoon. Vox’s Aaron Rupar live-tweeted his coverage, capturing everything from Trump accusing Representative Adam Schiff of lying about his phone calls with Ukraine to more of his basically incoherent boasting.

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On the Ukraine calls: 

Apparently everyone, including Mike Pompeo, was listening in, and *shocker* most decided not to become whistleblowers.

He bragged about his relationship with the “African” community:

Before quickly correcting it to “African American.” Sure Donald. Sure you do.

On Impeachment Polls:

According to Trump, all the polls of the “fake news media” are wrong. Either they are lying or just “bad polls.” He even throws his beloved Fox News under the bus. Apparently the only accurate polls are the secret ones in his mind —either that or his staff makes up polls saying the public doesn’t want impeachment. Both are entirely too plausible. Oh and also he wants the whistleblower to out him/herself.

A quick tough guy brag:

Because he just can’t help himself.

On California’s wildfire problem:

As a Californian, this is my personal favorite. He blames the fire epidemic on Governor Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi—because she is too focused on impeachment. He also claims that he is the only one who knows how to stop the fires. Stating that if we had only listened to him two years ago, this would never have happened. Because, obviously, climate change has only been an issue for two years.

And finally, a veiled threat to shut down the government:

When asked if he would shut down government funding to force the Democrats to stop the impeachment inquiry, he shrugged and slyly said that he “wouldn’t rule it out.” Because that is something a normal president does. Threatens to shut down the government to avoid impeachment. Cool cool cool. Cool cool cool cool cool. Very normal. Very sane.

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