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Disney’s Donald Trump Hall of Presidents Statue Is as Frightening as You’d Imagine

Art imitating life, to be fair.

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s appearance in Disney’s Hall of Presidents, including the hope that talk of big renovations to the attraction might mean that we’d all be spared a talking Donald Trump robot. Sadly, that was not to be, and now Disney has revealed their Trump bot in all its appropriately horrifying glory.

Yes, it looks more like the robotic love child of Christopher Walken and John Voight than it looks like Trump:

And he’s a notably vain man who has been said to get insulted when unflattering photos of him go around, so I can’t imagine he’s any happier with this than the rest of us, which provides a bit of consolation. On the other hand, the robot version speaks in full, coherent sentences and is guaranteed to stay on script until Disney goes full Skynet on us all. So, there probably won’t be any equivocating about white supremacists murdering people or foreign adversaries meddling in our elections—overall, an improvement over the real-life version, so the whole thing might come out even for Trump’s image.

Everyone is still taking the opportunity to dunk on all Donald Trumps, both robotic and not:

But easily most painful observation is this one:

(via Twitter, image: screengrab)

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