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People Are Trying to Bribe Donald Trump’s Press Secretary to Do Her Job & Still Nothing

What does she even DO?

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham (L) listens to U.S. President Donald Trump talk to reporters

As a reminder, Donald Trump’s current press secretary is Stephanie Grisham. I say that because it would be easy to have forgotten, seeing as she’s yet to give a single press briefing. Under Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the once-daily briefings became far less frequent, and Grisham–who also serves as Melania Trump’s press secretary because it’s not like these are jobs that require a person’s full attention or anything–has done away with them entirely. Instead, when she has information she wants to communicate, she does so on Fox News. Occasionally she’ll come out of the woodwork to tweet something in defense of the Trump’s but for the most part, she’s basically just an unofficial Fox News personality.

On Wednesday, author Don Winslow challenged Grisham on Twitter, offering to donate $75,000 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital if she would hold a press conference this week with the full White House press corps.

Stephen King also jumped in, offering up $75K of his own. Today, Winslow upped his offer to 100,000, as did King.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Grisham about the offer. She responded by basically saying the two authors should just give the money to charity anyway while she continues to do nothing.

I agree with her in theory, so a certain extent. If you want and have the means to donate to a charity (although Winslow says that he and King both “regularly donate to charity,”), it seems a bit callous to use that as a bargaining chip in a political battle.

So yes, Stephanie, who would do something like that? Something like this, I mean:

Or something like this:

He was really into that one.

Boy, if Stephanie Grisham thinks it’s disrespectful to “play with” $200,000, I wonder how upset she was over Trump’s $5 million. Very, I’m sure!

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