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Trump Feuds With Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein, Proving Irony Is Dead

We can't even make this up any more.

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In today’s edition of “We Really Wish This Weren’t What The President Was Doing,” Donald Trump has started a twitter feud with Carl Bernstein, the reporter famous for helping to break the Watergate scandal. Irony is dead, and we’ve killed it.

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Bernstein drew Trump’s ire by writing a story that reported that Trump knew about a 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians; his source, Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, has since revealed himself and recanted the statement. CNN is standing by Bernstein and the story, but Trump took to Twitter yesterday to call out Bernstein, tweeting:

Both Bernstein and CNN have since responded via Twitter, with CNN defending Bernstein and themselves against the accusations of being fake news.

Trump has made no friends in the non-Fox News press, and this is a particularly egregious attack. Bernstein and his colleague Bob Woodward broke perhaps the biggest political scandal to hit the country (so far), and are revered as pillars of American journalism and the free press. To attack Bernstein is ironic, considering that he helped bring down a corrupt presidency, which is what Trump seems to be facing. It also serves as a continuation of the Trump vs. CNN feud, which has lasted as long as his presidency.

Bernstein is a vocal opponent of Trump. He recently appeared on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, saying that the Trump presidency was worse than Watergate, and that the system at least worked during the Watergate scandal.

This kind of situation is one that would seem absurd to a time traveler. The President, actively picking Twitter fights with esteemed reporters who helped bring down another presidency? But this is just the sad truth of 2018: the impossible has become possible in the worst kind of way. Hopefully, Bernstein’s work will once more lead to a major political change, but that’s pure conjecture at this point in time. Regardless, to see the President fight journalists on Twitter is fairly demoralizing news, but that’s just the fun reality of 2018.

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