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Donald Trump Fat-Shamed One of His Own Supporters Just Because He Thought They Were Protesting

Donald Trump holds up the "OK" hand signal.

Well, Donald Trump is now fat-shaming his own supporters, and you’ll never guess how it affects their opinion of him! (You probably will.) At a rally in New Hampshire this week, Trump took to crying out about protestors there. The problem? He mistook one of his own followers as a protestor and continued on to fat-shame him and complain about how the guy in question had “bigger” problems than Trump.

As many know, our current president is one who detests exercise and praises McDonald’s. He isn’t a beacon of health, and now, apparently, isn’t opposed to fat-shaming anyone and everyone—even his own followers, who support his racist rhetoric and cheer on his sexist/racist/homophobic/xenophobic cries. The absolutely wild thing is that this is incredibly far from new behavior for Trump, and he’s dragged the bar down so far that the only reason anyone even took notice is that the target turned out to be one of his own supporters. Otherwise, this would just be what we expect of him, which is awful in itself.

Maybe we should, in the grand scheme of this, be talking about Trump’s eyesight, because according to people there, the man Trump insulted was throwing his fist up at the protestors being escorted out and had on a Trump 2020 shirt. So … clearly, he wasn’t there to fight against the president or his views.

The worst part about this is that Trump’s go-to is schoolyard taunts. He’s not there with intelligent points or to understand that people have different opinions than he does. Instead, his first thought is to make fun of someone’s weight and to mock them in front of an entire auditorium just because he thinks they don’t support him.

This is absolutely disgusting for a whole slew of reasons, and Chris Evans pretty much hits the nail on the head.

It’s about common human decency at this point, and how the president does not have any. He doesn’t understand that you don’t do these things, and he doesn’t know how to interact with human beings who have different views than he does without mocking them.

I’m sorry, I’m just so tired. I’m angry that this is what we have to talk about every single day and I’m exhausted. My deep-seated hatred of the president is only getting deeper and stronger, and I feel helpless to do anything to fight against him. This isn’t what America is supposed to be, and the fact that we have to listen to him and his stupid mouth for at least another year is going to make me lose all my hair.

Anyway, don’t fat-shame people, even if they’ll still keep right on supporting you anyway. (Yup, you guessed it.) Don’t support Donald Trump, be better people, and let’s all aim to get him out of that f*cking office in 2020. We deserve him gone.

(via Talking Points Memo, image: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

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