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Trump Continues to Be as Terrible as He Is Nonsensical on Healthcare and Climate Change

Donald Trump

It’s been a few hours, so there’s a whole new wave of political absurdity to discuss! Sadly, as Donald Trump has already swiftly killed the meme he spawned last night by trying to get in on it this morning, we’ll have to talk about serious things, like pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change and saving but also spending the same money on healthcare! Yep, just another Wednesday.

For a man who has claimed on Twitter that climate change is a Chinese hoax—despite denying having said that in one of 2016’s debates—pulling out of the Paris Agreement comes as no great surprise, but that does little to soften the blow. Meanwhile, some of the other countries involved think it may actually be better for the agreement overall if Trump does pull the U.S. out (hopefully temporarily, until he’s replaced), since the whole thing hinges on the countries involved acting in good faith.

With Trump’s beliefs on climate change and his apparent insistence that corporate profits should come before the environment, he might just undermine the whole thing anyway, even if he keeps us involved officially—but either way, he’s bad for the environment. He’s hyping up his official announcement, later this week, on whether or not he’ll actually pull the U.S. out of the agreement like the state of our environment is a game show, because our reality is a badly-written dystopia.

Then, there’s healthcare, which has the House Republican plan currently stalled out in the Senate, while Trump does everything he can to destabilize the Affordable Care Act and try to blame Obama and Democrats for the impact on everyone’s healthcare. He also caught a lot of criticism recently for tweeting that he wants to “add more dollars” to healthcare to make it better, when the Republican plan is decidedly trying to do the opposite: save money (especially for the rich!) in exchange for worse care.

So, he made an attempt to clear that up with some more of his trademark of telling people what they want to hear: “Hopefully Republican Senators, good people all, can quickly get together and pass a new (repeal & replace) HEALTHCARE bill. Add saved $’s.” Fun fact: if you’re saving money with the healthcare bill but then just spending those saved dollars on a healthcare bill, you’re not saving money, but no one who knows anything about Trump’s business acumen should be at all surprised that he justifies things with dubious accounting.

It’s more typical Trump talk: We’ll save money, also spend money, and have the best healthcare! He doesn’t care that doing all three of those things at once is fundamentally impossible, because voters have differing opinions, and he wants to say whatever will please all of them, even if his own statements have to be directly contradictory to do so. Somehow, his supporters continue to pick and choose the parts of what he says that they agree with and disregard the parts they don’t want.

The nonsense is everywhere at this point. It’s in the (wholly unnecessary and ridiculous) defense of his typos:

As well as in attempted explanations of how he’s so great at communicating that he needs special help to do so:

As all this is going on, he’s still doing whatever he can, with his limited executive power, to advance his agenda of doing cruel things that benefit no one, like allowing employers to cut birth control coverage for religious reasons—even though portraying that as a religious freedom issue is patently absurd.

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