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Donald Trump’s Bad Week Just Keeps Getting Worse

It’s Friday in 2017, so Donald Trump is wrapping up a bad week. This week was particularly notable for several reasons, though, as Seth Meyers noted last night on Late Night—and it just keeps getting worse.

Meyers covered Trump’s embarrassing trip to Puerto Rico, as well as yesterday’s absurd antics that involved Rex Tillerson holding a press event to swear up and down that he thinks Donald Trump is smart and never considered quitting as Secretary of State. That seemed to smooth things over for the moment, but never doubt all the ridiculousness the Trump administration can squeeze into a single week.

Later yesterday evening, Trump made a seemingly ominous comment about a photo op and dinner with military leaders, saying it was “the calm before the storm.” No one has any idea what he was talking about, if he was actually talking about anything at all. He could have been alluding to military action, or perhaps this Friday will see another White House official’s ousting (Tillerson?), or perhaps Trump is just so addicted to making it seem like he’s got important things going on that he just kind of felt like it.

Then, there’s Trump’s obsession with what kind of “numbers” and “grades” he’s getting, to the point that statistics showing slow recovery in Puerto Rico have mysteriously disappeared from FEMA’s website. Not only that, but despite all of his insistence, Trump is not getting good grades from the public, at least, on how things are going for Puerto and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Then, September jobs numbers came out this morning, and they mark the first time the economy has lost jobs in seven years, with 33,000 jobs lost. Trump has had a great time taking credit for an economy he’s largely done nothing to help, after he previously insisted that positive numbers were phony when they were good for President Obama. I wonder if he’ll want to take credit for these, too? MAGA?

Oh, and then there was the extensive BuzzFeed reporting of exactly what Breitbart and the alt-right are and have done—a publication and demographic embraced by Trump to the point of bringing Breitbart’s Steve Bannon into the White House in an official capacity until recently. And hey, it’s only 10AM! Just think of what additional horrors the day will hold.

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