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The True Cost of an iPhone [Infographic]

When the newest iPhone comes out and your saliva glands start acting up, you tend to be grounded by one particular detail: Price. iPhones, while not absurdly expensive, still cost a relatively large chunk of change, especially if your old phone is working troublingly fine so that your only excuse for the expense is to keep up with the proverbial Joneses. But beyond all that, there’s a bigger cost, a social cost, one that’s less directly painful to you, but arguably much bigger in the long run. If you’re curious about what that might be — and are maybe looking for a way to guilt yourself into skipping a generation —  check out this interactive infographic from MBA Online. After all, people have to make these iPhones, and make them out of stuff, so who are they and what is that stuff and how much does it cost. Check out the graphic below to find out.

Protip: You have to have your mouse on the graphic to scroll it. Now give that mouse-wheel some love!

(via MBAonline, Thanks Greg)

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