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True Blood Recap: “Lost Cause”

Ain't no party like a Bon Temps party 'cause a Bon Temps party is fueled by denial.


I’m constantly justifying my loyalty to True Blood by referencing the first two seasons, but there was no need for nostalgia this week–yesterday’s episode made me feel like it was 2008 all over again.

The halfway-point episode of True Blood‘s farewell season opened at post-fight Fangtasia, with Willa refusing to leave Shreveport as punishment for Eric and Pam abandoning their progeny. Eric releases his baby vamp–which, in the eloquent words of Pam, feels to Willa like “being kicked in the cooch by a wallaby”–in return for information on Sarah Newlin’s whereabouts. Willa reveals that Sarah has a vampire sister named Amber Willis living in Dallas. Ginger is distraught over Eric’s plans to leave and claims to also be infected with Hep V. The scene ends with the perpetually un-sexed sex slave screaming and throwing herself on Eric’s coffin–even if that’s not the last we see of you Ginger, it’s how I’d like to remember you.


Sookie arrives back at her house for the first time since Alcide’s murder, and although I had trouble believing her grief in last week’s episode, it’s gut-wrenching now to watch her come to terms with her boyfriend’s absence. Lafayette puts Sookie to bed, and one weird True Blood time-lapse later, she wakes up to find Jackson in the driveway. Sookie’s dining room is filled with food, and Lafayette, James, and Jackson reveal that the entire town is coming over for a party to say “fuck you!” to death. Sookie tries to reason her guests out of inviting all of Bon Temps over the day after her werewolf boyfriend’s untimely demise, but the party planning committee will not be swayed. Bill arrives with some flowers–so you know tonight’s about to get crazy.

Meanwhile, Eric and Pam reach Amber Willis’ house and discover that she has Hep V. Amber blames her sister for the infection and agrees to help the pair get their revenge. Amber reveals that Sarah will likely be at a Ted Cruz gala that night and worries the vamps won’t fit in, to which Eric promises “you don’t know us, sweetheart… we can be assholes.”

And, oh no, some sadistic writer decided to give Lettie Mae more screen time. Bon Temps’ resident ruiner-of-things pleads with her husband to let her attend Sookie’s party so she can say goodbye to Tara. The Reverend is a reasonable, logical person (obvs not from Bon Temps) and warns Lettie Mae that with alcohol and vampires in attendance, Sookie’s party has too many temptations for an addict. Lettie Mae drugs her husband with benadryl.

Meanwhile, the pity party is in full swing.  James is doing crazy wind-puppet arm dancing, Arlene and Holly are taking shots, and everyone is so happy that something bad is bound to happen. Right on cue, Bill has a Civil War flashback in which ye olde sepia Compton speaks out against secession. Elsewhere in Margaritaville, Jackson pays tribute to his son, saying Sookie was the only thing Alcide ever felt was worth fighting for. Lettie Mae arrives and leads the town in a toast to Tara.

Andy invites Jessica inside, saying  he needs her help moving on from the past. Jason, Violet, Sookie, and Jessica agree to help Andy finally propose to Holly using the ring Gran left Jason. Andy proposes, Holly accepts, and the whole scene is far more magical than that time a fairy Roman-Candled four babies out of her vagina. Wade and Adilyn share a look of horror (hah!) and James attempts to get Jessica to leave for some vamp on vamp bonding time.

Sookie is understandably overwhelmed by Andy and Holly’s happiness, and Arlene comforts her by saying she used to wear Terry’s jacket at night to feel his arms around her. Jackson skulks outside Sookie’s door and listens in on their conversation, which I’m sure will be significant later on in the season. Werewolf drama, how I loathe thee.

Outside, James confides in Lafayette, saying that Jessica gives him just enough love and affection to keep him hooked (boo-hoo, dreamboat). James reveals that the friend he lost in Vietnam was also his lover, and Lafayette leans in for a lengthy smooch. I have so many feelings.


Back in Dallas, Eric and Pam are dressing, in Pam’s perfect words, as “republicunts” for the Ted Cruz gala. Eric takes off his shirt (good news) and Pam discovers that his Hep V is now stage 2 (bad news). In one of the little beautiful scenes that True Blood used to dish out so often, Pam uses make up to cover Eric’s markings while he tells her to accept his inevitable death.

At the Stackhouse fiesta, Keith (you know, the musical vamp introduced last episode) tells Arlene that she’s the most beautiful woman he’s found in three hundred years and he’ll see her in his dreams. In less romantic news, Jessica finds Lafayette and James fucking in the backseat of James and Jessica’s car. Jessica runs inside and asks Jason to rescind James’ invitation to the house. After getting permission from Violet, Jason follows his ex-girlfriend upstairs to comfort her. James asks to be left alone, leaving Lafayette and his incredible floral vest to ponder the night’s surprising turn of events.

Jason is comforting Jessica when Lafayette arrives to apologize, er, accuse her of not loving her boyfriend enough. The acting in this scene is another reminder of why a notoriously flawed show like True Blood still has loyal viewers, but I still thought it was audacious of Lafayette to hide his accusations in false apologies. Jason comforts Jess and the two inevitably move on to dissecting the strange dynamics in his relationship. Jessica kisses Jason, he smooches her back, and Hamby-House is finally back, people! Violet overhears Jason having sex with his ex and chooses not to interrupt, which is somehow more horrifying than the violent confrontation I was expecting.


Downstairs, a tequila-drunk Sookie is listening in on people’s pitying thoughts. Bill broods outside, deep in his private Ken Burns documentary. Sookie interrupts his thoughts (thank you!) and Bill says the night is an example of successful mainstreaming. Cue significant romantic glances. Ironically, Sookie overhears Lettie Mae planning to interrupt said “successful mainstreaming event” by stabbing Willa. She Who Must Not Be Named attacks, vampires flash fang, and Nicole freaks out because she can’t understand why the people of Bon Temps would rather get drunk and have sex than process their trauma. Nicole. You. Do. Not. Even. Go. Here.

Pam and Eric (sporting an appropriately giant hat) arrive at the Ted Cruz gala. Sarah Newlin ambushes her mother in the bathroom and asks to speak with Laura Bush, but her plea for mercy is interrupted by the arrival of the Yakuza.  Eric saves Sarah Newlin for his own by ripping off one of the Yakuza’s face like a scab. The world says “phase 2 Hep V,” and Eric counters with a dismembered jawbone.

Back in Bon Temps, the guests have finally left and Sookie is alone . She takes Arlene’s advice and tearfully falls asleep in one of Alcide’s jackets.


At Compton manor, Bill is taking a bath and thinking about the Civil War, like one does on a weekend night. But… but what in the name of Lilith’s merkin is that on his chest? Bill, apparently, has Hep V. How dare, True Blood. Was the last person Bill fed on Sookie? Did Sookie give him the infection? After feeding Bill before the attack on Fangtasia, is she now a carrier? Will a cure for Hep V be discovered before this show kills off nearly all of its significant characters?

Last night’s True Blood was weird, surprising, and satisfying. It brought the party back to the show, both literally and figuratively–but please leave us some characters to celebrate with when all is said and done.

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