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ScreenBid Auctioning Off True Blood Memorabilia, Soon You Too Can Sit Like Eric Northman

But where are all the merkins?



True Blood will meet the True Death in just two episodes, but, in a decision that I think is fitting for the show, its grave will be pilfered in the name of vampire swag. ScreenBid will be auctioning off 1,500 items to help us remember Merlotte’s, Fangtasia, and Bon Temps, and although Eric’s throne will probably be expensive, can you really assign a price to putting your butt where Skarsgård’s butt once ruled?


A plastic special effects prop used for True Death remains. Priceless.

Some of the other notable items up for bidding include the veil Pam wore in Season 4 to hide her face after being cursed (so many memories!), various costumes such as Jason’s sheriff uniform and Alcide’s jacket, and Vampire Bill’s whale skeleton triptych. Much of the items currently up for auction demonstrate Bill’s questionable nouveau dead taste in decorating, though thankfully some of Lafayette’s decor is represented as well. Screenbid says new items will be added to the online auction daily and that bidding will run from August 20th-25th—one day after the final episode airs.

Even if you don’t have billions of true bucks to blow on a lock of Alcide’s chest hair or a single tender touch from Hoyt (neither of those are up for bidding—yet), looking through the items is still a fun way to remember seven years of True Blood—the good, the bad, the Bill’s taste in decorating.

"Pam's Famous Sweat Suit"

“Pam’s Famous Sweat Suit”

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