New Tron Legacy Trailer, Fresh from Comic-Con

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There are a lot of things at Comic-Con that can claim with some justification to be “highly anticipated,” but last night, Disney treated the lucky, overstimulated masses in attendance to a teaser for something that earns the buzzy little phrase: Tron Legacy. For better or worse Tron Legacy‘s hype is at out-of-control levels, and as the movie doesn’t hit theaters until December, we’ve got a long way to go before it subsides.
There’s a lot to like about the new trailer. The visuals are even better than those from the spectacular first trailer, and if you like glowing things on desaturated backgrounds, watching this trailer could just be a brief trip to heaven for you. At that, it gives grist to the notion that Tron Legacy will be much more a movie of spectacle than of substantial plot or acting: As much as I adore every form of Jeff Bridges — good and evil, young and old (and the young Jeff Bridges effect in the trailer is pretty sweet), Tron guy and Dude — the story still feels a little meh. I’m starting to think that this “father-and-son story” is going to be Avatar-like in that it’ll play it safe with a pretty well-worn story archetype, but jam it with just enough visual oomph to make it worthwhile. But then: It’s a flippin’ Tron movie, what did you expect.
Judge for yourself:

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