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Relive the `90s With the Trapper Keeper iPad Case!

Great! Now I just need an iPad!




Put down your Ecto Cooler juice box, pause Dawson’s Creek (oh, right, you couldn’t even do that with TV yet) and listen up: Trapper Keepers are back! “But I’m an adult with no use for a Trapper Keeper!” You wail in dismay. No worries. They’re iPad cases now.

If you’re like me, you don’t own an iPad yet (or any tablet, as this is intended for all 9 and 10-inch tablets), but if anything is going to convince me to get one, this Trapper Keeper is making a strong case. (Get it? OK, that’s out of my system.)


Stylish and functional, as a trapper keeper should be.

Right now, they’re still listed as “coming soon,” but you can head over to Kensington and preorder one. That way, you can relax and plan what rad stickers you’re going to put all over the outside when it arrives!

(via Jezebel, image via Kensington)

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