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Well… Fleshlight Made That iPad Case a Reality (NSFW… Like… at All) [Updated]

Now you can stop taping them together like a caveman!


Welcome to the future, folks. The Fleshlight-holding iPad case we first heard rumored back in 2012 is now a reality. Yesterday, Fleshlight announced the LaunchPAD, and it certainly is an iPad case you can attach a Fleshlight too. It sure is that.

The kind people at Fleshlight brought this to our attention yesterday via Twitter.

From the picture above the LaunchPAD case looks much sturdier than the prototype we saw in 2012: fleshlight-ipad Maybe early testers were dropping it during… uhm… vigorous use? The new design looks like it can take a fall without too much risk your iPad. This video from Fleshlight announcing the LaunchPAD (only mildly NSFW, they don’t show it in use) is focused on marketing to couples at a distance:

[Update: YouTube has pulled the video from its servers, which strikes me as odd considering the lack of any explicit sexual content. Fleshlight reached out with an updated link on Vimeo and a statement. Both are below.]

Fleshlight LaunchPAD from Official Fleshlight on Vimeo.

We believe that healthy sexual expression is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. It’s unfortunate, that even in 2014, the idea of men being able to express themselves in a healthy and sexual way while assuming responsibility for their own sex drive can illicit such a negative response from responsible members of our larger community. This circumstance isn’t new to us; Interactive Life Forms and Fleshlight will continue to work to advance this discussion and improve acceptance for this type of expression.

[The original article continues below.]

But wouldn’t that call get… shaky? If you’re on a video call, and the camera is built into the iPad, and you’re—you know what. Forget I asked.

If you’re interested, the LaunchPAD is being offered at an introductory price of $24.95, which as far as iPad cases go is actually a pretty good deal. Though it doesn’t come with a Fleshlight, or an iPad for that matter. It’s also only compatible with 3rd & 4th generation iPads and the iPad 2.

There’s a joke to be made about the iPad Mini here, but I’ll let you fill in the blanks with that one.

(via Fleshlight)

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