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High Tech Dress Varies Its Transparency Based On Wearer's Heartbeat

Intimacy 2.0 bills itself as “A dress that flirts,” but what could that possibly mean? In more direct and less advertisingy terms: Intimacy 2.0 is a dress that contains certain elements made out of a kind of e-foil that will change its level of transparency based on the heart rate of the dress’s wearer. Yeah. The dress, by Studio Roosegaarde, appears to actually exist in wearable form and the studio is soliciting all kinds of pitches and ideas from Intimacy 3.0, which will presumably be able to take itself off.

The whole transparency is described as being “based on close and personal encounters with people,” but it’s not until you dig a little deeper that anything out-and-out says it’s based on heart rate. Even knowing that, there are a lot of questions to be asked, mainly “Well, how does that affect it?” I just imagine someone wearing it, becoming relaxed, the transparency slowly increasing until they realize it’s happening, at which point they freak out, their heart rate skyrockets and the whole dress crashes to Blue Screen of Death.

While I might personally want a little more voluntary control over whether or not my clothes are going to start becoming transparent (so I can keep them from ever becoming transparent) this is certainly an interestingly out-there idea. I don’t think this will really catch on, but then again, does fashiony fashion ever really catch on? Either way, I do like the idea of having more sophisicated clothing. Traditional textiles are, like, so passé.

The video gets just a tad risqué, as you might imagine, given that it involves transparent clothes. It’s probably safe for work, but not if your boss is like, standing over your shoulder or anything.

(via Pixelonomics)

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