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Original “Harold They’re Lesbians” Sailor Uranus and Neptune Acknowledged After Viz Corrects Translation Mistake

The sexiest cousins since Victoria and Albert.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune Offically Gay to Viz

Many Sailor Moon fans, growing up with the popular English dub that came out in the 90s, were exposed to the idea that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh respectively) were cousins rather than them being lovers. This, of course, was the result of purposeful censorship that decided that LGBTQ relationships were not acceptable for young audiences. Thankfully, now more and more people are aware of this, as the redubbed version doesn’t erase their gayness. But it doesn’t mean that the problems have ended.

There was a Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars translation error that ended up affecting how some could interpret the relationship between Sailors Neptune and Uranus, so Viz Media, the company behind the property, was quick to head on Twitter and address the error and let people know that the characters are not friends, but partners. Erica Friedman, of Yuricon, was one of the first to call out Viz.

This might seem like a small thing because it’s common knowledge to many of us now, but the reality there are still a lot of people who think any inclusion of queer characters is done for clout.

Even now Uranus and Neptune are immensely popular, as they should be. And considering it was already erased once before and people are concerned that Netflix’s dub of the classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion is also erasing queer subtext, I’m not surprised people were concerned and wanted some assurance. Because even when you think something is set in stone, a bad translation or dub can completely screw everything up.

What dubs have made changes that still make you rage to this day?

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