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Transgender Girl Scout Stands Up to Transphobic Neighbor, Sells 3,000+ Boxes of Cookies

Your transphobic rhetoric has been Trefoiled, dick.

After being turned away while selling Girl Scout Cookies when a neighbor terrible, terrible person literally said, “Nobody wants to to buy cookies from a boy in a dress,” Girl Scout Stormi did what most of us would do in that situation: she got a little sad. According to BuzzFeed, Stormi said, “It made me sad, because I’m a girl.” But Stormi also did what a lot of us always dream of doing: she got even (in her own way).

Soon after the incident, Stormi’s foster mother, Kim, turned to the internet for help. The two of them started selling cookies online through the Girl Scouts’ digital portal. Support turned up in droves. As of last Thursday, Stormi has sold over 3,000 boxes of cookies, getting orders from all over the world. A few folks caught wind of the campaign, such as New York improv artists Lauren Brickman & Caitlin Foye, who offered free tickets to their show for anyone who ordered from Stormi.

Talking about the incident incredibly rude neighbor, Kim said, “[Stormi] was like, ‘Why am I not good enough?’ We just started talking and she decided she wasn’t going to let him win.” The idea of “good enough” is something that often comes up with trans people, and it’s absolutely something I personally resonate with. Stormi, though, proved that she’s better than “good enough”– she’s amazing.

“My troop plans to use the money to help us go on trips,” Stormi explained. “I have my own plans as well. At my request my family will donate boxes to local foster kids like me!” Please, kid. Stop. You’re way too adorable. I’m just kidding, don’t ever stop being awesome.

If you want to order cookies from Stormi, which you totally should, please head on over to her digital portal to order and have cookies delivered to your home.

Here’s the other thing about this story: I did not need to know I could order Girl Scout Cookies online. So. This is how I die.

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