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Things We Saw Today: Trans Artists Share Stunning Artwork in Celebration of #TransDayofVisibility

Glowing Black femme digital illustration by Eren Enrica Angiolini. Image: Eren Enrica Angiolini.

March 31st serves as a worldwide day of celebration of the trans experience, known more commonly as International Transgender Day of Visibility. Many people’s default to understanding what has been considered part of the trans experience revolves around trans men and women. However, non-binary people, those who are genderqueer, two-spirit, and more all fall under this umbrella. As part of this happy day, many trans artists took to Twitter and other social media sites to share some of their artwork under #TDOV and #TransDayOfVisibility —so of course, we had to share!

Trans Visibility Day was founded by trans activist Rachel Crandall in 2009. She created this day because until then there was no joyous day associated with the trans experience. The only day not shared with other members of the queer community was Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), which exists to observe those who’ve been murdered because of transphobia. Now with Transgender Day of Visibility, life and happiness are being celebrated worldwide.

The featured artwork at the top belongs to the character designer, colorist, and illustrator, Eren Enrica Angiolini. They founded the ArtVentuting Guild for tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts to access art resources. After seeing all the artwork here, make sure to check out and engage with these artists’ incredible work—not just today but year-round!

While much of the artwork shared on Twitter today came from digital artists, trans creatives are working in every art space, from video media and photography to fiber art and music.

While much of the discussions regarding this day are celebratory and feature sharing achievements of trans people, some also use the day to remind people how much work is still needed. This last part is essential as in the U.S., (mostly) Republican-led efforts have resulted in the rollback of civil rights for trans people—including trans children and their families.

Follow the artists above for more gorgeous creations!

(via Twitter, image: Eren Enrica Angiolini)

Here are some other bits of news we saw today:

  • The TSA soon will allow gender non-conforming passengers to mark “X” on passports and are working towards gender-neutral algorithm AI to limit patdowns. (via The Week)
  • Netflix reveals over half of its users globally watch anime on the platform (via CBR)
  • First images circulate showing Regina King as Shirley Chisom in the upcoming film Shirley (via Twitter)
  • What Transgender Day of Visibility means for trans Texans this year (via The 19th*)
  • Britsih Person reviews Oscar Isaac’s accent in Disney+’ Moon Knight (via Gizmodo)

Happy pre-Friday, Mary Suevians! What did you see out there online today?

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