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The Trailer for Lupita Nyong’o-Led Zombie Comedy Little Monsters Is Everything You Need From a Zom-Com

Give it to me now!

Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o) keeps calm and carries on during a zombie attack in Little Monsters.

Zombies have faced off against comedians before in films like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, but can they survive the wrath of a kindergarten teacher? Lupita Nyong’o faces off against hordes of the undead in Little Monsters, which just released a gory red-band trailer. Check out the mayhem below.

Thankfully the world is realizing that Nyong’o should be cast in everything and anything. After her Oscar-worthy double turn in Jordan Peele’s Us, she’s now giving us a plucky heroine named Miss Caroline, dressed in a probably soon to be iconic yellow sundress. She’s accompanied by listless, recently dumped Dave (Alexander England) on a school trip that gets interrupted by zombies. Thankfully, they’re the slow kind, as the trailer wisely points out. At a petting zoo that turns into a zombie snack bar, Miss Caroline and Dave, alongside petting zoo owner Teddy McGiggles (Josh Gad), must find a way to get out alive with the children in tow.

Zombies can be a tricky movie monster. Horror and comedy, two genres all about timing, tend to go well together. Shaking things up with a zom-com (yes, this is a term I plan on using frequently) rather than a played-straight zombie drama is a great way to keep the genre fresh. It’s also interesting that the characters seem to be aware that they’re in a zombie film. The military officers at the beginning know whether to ask if the zombies are fast or not, which is key to every zombie film. If you’ve got fast zombies, you’re screwed.

Nyong’o is already the star of the trailer. The way she switches between survivalist and sunny teacher is phenomenal, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she carries the film. Gad, who can be hit or miss in certain roles, seems perfectly cast as the selfish Teddy. Having the ensemble group of survivors be mostly kindergarteners is an interesting spin on the genre. Usually it’s gruff adults with maybe one child to represent the future. Instead, it’s a bunch of tiny kids and their intrepid teacher.

I love fun spins on horror tropes, and this film looks delightful. Besides, I’d watch Nyong’o star in anything. She deserves more leading roles, and I’m excited to support this particular one. I can’t wait for the yet to be revealed US release date.

(image: Altitude Films)

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