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Toy Story Meets The Wire [Mashups]

On the eve of Toy Story 3‘s theater premiere, Ryan Hoffman and Dan Angelucci have given us a mashup that will probably be incomprehensible to the bulk of Toy Story fans, but will make Wire fanatics yelp in joy and recognition: “Toy Wire,” a fictitious HBO-Pixar collabo that turns Woody into Jimmy McNulty and Buzz Lightyear into Stringer Bell, among other mirthful swaps.

Fortunately, the mashup is spoiler-free, so if you made it up to Wire Season 1, Episode 4 and gave up because it was too slow but are totally going to get back into it because your friends are pestering you to, you don’t have to worry about Mr. Potato Head blowing the Season 3 finale for you.

Check it out:

(Kottke via I Watch Stuff)

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