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Things We Saw Today: Town Mourning Over Loss of a Dunkin’ Donuts Goes Viral

It's no time to dunk on these residents.

With the recent loss of their last Dunkin’ Donuts (now officially known only as Dunkin’, but we are not heathens), WBZ NewsRadio‘s Matt Shearer went on the streets of Stow, Massachusetts hear from some of those 7,200 residents. This may sound (and look) very silly, but let’s be real, we all have our favorite neighborhood stops, and many people run on Dunkin’ from what I understand. Also, I couldn’t find any other coffee or donut places in the town’s border (likely) because when chains move in, it makes it harder to compete. While the reporting has blown up with a repost on Twitter from Shearer, the original TikTok video and audio were shared via WBZ NewsRadio.

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Not including website clicks and airtime, this has collectively garnered over two million views. This is not the first time Shearer has gone viral for his style of reporting mixed with the topics that affect people’s daily lives. For example, this one follows the closing of one of the Market Baskets on Boston Road (specifically at 199) that went viral this summer.

In the south, we talk about distance in terms of travel time and sometimes blocks, but never miles, so I looked up a rough estimate of what this means. According to Google Maps, Stow Town Hall to Maynard Town hall (2.4 miles) is a whopping five-minute drive or a 13-minute bike during rush hour. The comments range from people thinking this is a joke or that people are actually upset. It’s really a bit of both, but the people actually upset are those whose regular locations now have Stow residents adding to their morning commute time. Of course, all of this is also a bit of a winking in-joke about New Englanders and their intense, undying love for Dunkin’, as best exemplified by Ben Affleck and the many memes regarding his armfuls of Dunkins’.

What I’m mourning is that most people will never get the chance to try the superior chain donut store, Shipley Do-nuts (a.k.a. Shipleys). Yes, I said it. I’ve tried Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme, but they pale in comparison. Don’t think I’m sympathetic to Starbucks either, Dunkin’ fans. Shipleys is coming to the northeast U.S., however, with one opening soon in Maryland. But unfortunately, that’s a real trek coming in at about 400 miles (about seven hours) in a car for the Dunkin’-bereft residents of Stow, M.A.

(via Matt Shearer, featured image: Sony Pictures.)

Here are some other bits of news out there:

  • Warner Bros. Discovery is reported to lay off roughly 12,000 more jobs (at least) in upcoming weeks. (via Axios)
  • How Abbott Elementary imagines a school without cops or “resource officers.” (via Scalawag Magazine)
  • Texas DPS was rightfully criticized for saying “no one is losing their jobs” in reference to Uvalde Massacre. (via KXAN)
  • Issa Rae’s RAP SH!T gets a second season on HBO Max. (via Twitter)
  • Infamous lawyer Ken Starr, who exposed Monica Lewinsky’s trauma to impeach Bill Clinton in the ’90s, got Epstein a plea deal (’08), suppressed reports of rape when serving as a university president (’10s), and served as President Trump’s impeachment defense (’20), has kicked the bucket. (via Texas Tribune)

What did you see online today, Mary Suevians?

P.S. I will not be taking passive-aggressive doughnut suggestions, but feel free to drop your favorite in the comments.

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