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“Touchdown Jesus” Statue Destroyed by Lightning: Before and After Pics; Video

Touchdown Jesus, more properly known as King of Kings, was one of southwest Ohio’s best known — and biggest — landmarks: A fixture at the Solid Rock Church by Monroe, Ohio since it was completed in 2004, it had a 42-foot span between its arms and a 40-foot cross at its base. But Touchdown Jesus is no more: Last night, the statue was struck by lightning, leaving only a grim-looking metal skeleton behind.

Redditor -fuzzpedal- made the above side-by-side pic of Touchdown Jesus before and after the lightning strike; click on it to see it fully sized.

WLWT reports that the statue was constructed of styrofoam and fiberglass laid atop the metal frame, hence the striking burnination: Styrofoam, or polystyrene, is extremely flammable.

In the video below (h/t Huffington Post), you can see just how powerful the flames were after the lightning strike.

(h/t Reddit, WLWT)

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