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If You Try To Touch Your Toes Every Day, Eventually You Will Touch Your Toes [Video]

It sound like common sense but it's more inspirational to watch than you'd think.


Jason Barron is a web designer in Salt Lake City who decided to take the Giveit100 challenge, which is a campaign dedicated to instill in people the value of practice and repetition by inspiring them to try the same thing for 100 days in a row. The man’s goal was simple: he just wanted to touch his toes for once in his life.

As a fellow unflexible person whose toes have only stopped eluding her grasp in recent months, I can absolutely empathize with this man’s plight. It’s pretty inspiring to see that it only took him 41 days out of the 100 to get it right (it seems like he’s probably working out in other ways, though, since a bunch of his tests were shot at some kind of a gym). Good job, Jason!

(via Orion — Thanks!)

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