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Touch Vision Marries Augmented Reality With Remote Screen Control

Augmented reality certainly has some promise, but many of the examples that come to mind, while interesting, are a little trivial. The guys at Teehan+Lax are doing their best to buck that trend with their new Touch Vision Interface. Using the technology, you can point a mobile phone at a screen, draw on the phone’s surface, and have the effect show up on the big screen in real-time.

While it’s only reasonable to assume it requires software on both ends, they aren’t ready to start talking about the nuts and bolts of what makes this technology work. Still, the results are pretty cool. It appears that the technology can actually be used to draw a single line across multiple screens that are visible to the phone’s camera like dragging a mouse across a multi-screen desktop. What could this technology ultimately be used for? Perhaps personal interfaces for public terminals. Or public billboards that everyone can draw profanities on. Either one really. Hopefully both.

(via Engadget)

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