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Tattooed AR Card is a Sign of the End Times, or How Awesome the Future Will be

The Nintendo 3DS comes with the ability to read AR cards, so the person attached to the above arm felt the best way to handle that feature was to get an AR card tattooed across their forearm, which displays the person’s Mii when viewed with the Nintendo 3DS. The tattoo comes with the caveat of the 3DS not being able to consistently read it in bright light, which includes sunlight, though the bearer of the mark thinks the 3DS is looking for the outline of the AR tattoo, so inking a darker outline around the brand will make it more recognizable. Head on past the break to see a video of the 3DS recognizing the kind of neat, kind of regretful-when-the-3DS-discontinues-to-make-way-for-the-next-Nintendo-handheld tattoo.

(I Heart Chaos via Tiny Cartridge)

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