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Things We Saw Today: The Internet Reacted to Tony Stark’s Fate on What If…?


An animated version of Tony Stark lounges in Marvel Studios' 'What If...?'

Tony Stark has constantly shown himself to be the man who will make the sacrifice if it means saving the day. Steve Rogers said he wouldn’t do it in The Avengers, and then every moment Tony could, he proved Steve wrong. It led to Tony laying his life on the line against Thanos and snapping his fingers to end the fight. We have all tried to come to terms with saying goodbye to Tony Stark since Avengers: Endgame, and I thought that Marvel’s What If…? might give us fun new stories for Tony to go on.

So far, this show has just wanted me to suffer. And in the most recent episode, it seems as if even when Tony is a major player, he still can’t have that happy of a time, so let’s get into What If…? and its desire to just constantly hurt Tony Stark.

**Spoilers for Marvel’s What If…? lie within.**

Yeah, I have a question for What If…?: What if y’all let Tony Stark RELAX? In the most recent episode of What If…?, titled “What If…Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?” we got a look at what would happen if Tony was never captured and forced to create his first Iron Man suit. And the result is that Tony still ends up dead, so what’s the point?!

Every single episode of What If…? that has included Tony Stark in one way or another has resulted in his death. And as someone who likes Tony, I’m begging this show to stop it. I’m not alone, either. Many took to Twitter to share their upset over this constant struggle as Tony Stark fans.

So here is my hope: I hope that Marvel’s What If…? has an episode titled “What If…We Didn’t Kill Tony Stark This Time?” and I get to see Tony smiling and happy for once because MY GOD, ENOUGH ALREADY.

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